Sunday, June 2, 2019

For every beautiful woman you know about the hot water damage to the skin and hair

Usually we use hot water continuously and in different seasons and seasons of the year and are especially used in the winter and when it is colder us in either bathing or cleaning or heating

But many of us overlook the negative effects of hot water on skin and hair as a result of its continued use

 Here are some of the side effects that hot water leaves on the skin and hair

Damage to hot water on skin

 Fat layer

Hot water affects the fat layer in the skin, which moisturizes the skin, promotes elasticity and softness, and protects the skin from wrinkles and dehydration

 But hot water leads to the removal of that fatty layer, which increases the dryness of the skin and prevents it from moisturizing, freshness and softness, and it causes the rapid appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin as a result

 Double tufts

As for the use of hot water on the hair, it causes the weakness of the follicles and damaged completely from the roots, and also adversely affect the natural oils that the scalp secretion to moisturize the hair, causing dry hair and hair loss and the appearance of pale and brittle

 This also increases the weakness and fall, in which case experts advise the use of warm or cold water in hair washing, where it achieves the highest degree of cleaning and protection of hair and also maintains the oils and fats that moisturize the hair and increase its brightness and softness

Lighten the pores too much

The exposure of the skin to the hot water constantly makes the pores bloom too much, allowing the bacteria and bacteria in them and the chlorine and minerals to permeate the inside of the skin and tissue, which makes the skin rid of the proteins and oils and fats in them and thus lose skin flexibility and soon break the skin due to continuous drought

There are some benefits of cold water for skin and hair

Activation of the heart and circulatory cycle

The shower with cold water helped to activate the heart and circulation of the body and it is very useful in renewing skin cells and maintain its moisturizing and softness for this cold water helps to promote the health of skin and skin

 Experts advise to start bathing with warm water so that the pores can be completely cleansed and thoroughly cleansed. Then close your bath with cold water to make sure you close the pores completely and protect them from bacterial and microbial obstruction. It also protects your skin from infection with grains

Hair health and strengthening

The cold water maintains the health of the hair and strengthens it as it works to increase the softness of hair and strengthen the bulbs and protect it from damage and fall

Body activity

Cold water showers increase body activity, unlike hot water, which increases the feeling of numbness and relaxation. It is useful in relaxing and relaxing muscles

For this reason, it is recommended to shower with hot water in the evening or before bedtime but not in the morning, and bathing in hot water can affect the individual with rapid drop in blood circulation and low blood pressure

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