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Classifieds marketing and advertising

Classifieds marketing and advertising

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of classified sites, which play a very important role in the dissemination of any content
These sites help you to publish any product for sale at high speed as it helps millions of visitors to surf for free
Advertising sites offer a free service and these sites have no percentage or commission on any purchase or sale within the site
This gives more opportunities for visitors to browse and greater opportunities for marketers to sell their products
It is the famous site that offers this service
Make look site for free advertising
It is one of the sites that offer a service more than brilliant, especially as it provides service add the announcement without registration of a member
Most free sites offer all the previous services but you have to register a member of the site to add an advertisement
Make Look offers free service and most visitors put their ads for free
This is a very good way to attract visitors to add ads freely and easily
These sites also facilitate the service of adding ads through the program on the phone for easy handling of the site
Interest Classified Ads
Ease of supply and demand of products and services
Easy and fast access to required products and services
Achieving quick return and interest to the employer or company.
Allows you to add ads easily in just a few seconds
The possibility of modifying the content of the advertisement at any time
Follow your ad views and viewers interact with your ad
Add images to your ad
Add more than one way of communication
These sites also allow you several sections to add your ad to the visitor interested in the product you want to sell

Section I: Department of Real Estate

This section is attached to all concerns about the sale and purchase of houses or houses and we will talk in detail about this section

Real Estate Section - Apartments

In this section, the apartments are sold and bought in different places
If you want to sell your apartment you can through this section to sell your apartment easily by adding your ad
And add details of the apartment and its price and pictures of the apartment you want to sell
Once your ad is accepted on the site visitors will be hesitated to advertise and take the right route to you
If you are chosen to send you an e-mail by e-mail or by telephone

Also, you can identify others who sell like you, and this helps you to enlarge your network and fame in your country

Note: These sites provide you with a search for what you want and in the country you want

You can search for an apartment in Egypt or America or any country you want

And fixing the price of the apartment. Prices fluctuate

And also determine the results of the search if they were clear or without pictures

It is very important when placing your ad in any of the sites for free advertising to put a picture of your ad to attract the largest number of visitors to your ad

The real estate department also provides buying and selling of all the following

Villas and palaces
Gas stations
There is another section for any real estate product but not a special section

Free Jobs Section

In this section, you can add all that concerns free jobs

Very suitable for business owners to find skilled workers very easily

A job advertisement is added from the company owner or company secretary

It is desirable to function. With ease of status can enter the site and search for the appropriate job

Example :

Job Search Engineer

in America

Specialization: Mechanics

Age: 35 to 40 years old

Skills: 7 years experience

This is a simple example for those who want to look at these specifications

There are also more sections in this section as we explained before

Such as: teaching department

This section provides all the advertisements for the teaching profession

Department of Technicians

Artisans Section

Secretary Section

Hospitality and Restaurants Section

Engineering Department

Department of Medicine and Pharmacy

Marketing department

Employment Section

Department stores

Media Section

Department of Accounting

Drivers Section

Delegates Section

Department of Medicine and Pharmacy

administration Department

Reception and customer service department

Department of Administrative Affairs

computer department

Department of Vendors

Graphic Design Section

Data Entry Section

Department of Labor and Employment

All these internal sections within the functions section. Another world lets you have a job with ease from your home

Other sections of the site

Department of cars

The so-called world of cars in this section you find everything you like cars

New is the power of attorney

Or used cars good use and very competitive prices

It is the best way to buy cars

In this section there are all kinds of cars you want

Such as Toyota, Lanus, Forgetfulness, Ford, Jeep, Chevrolet, Mazda and Mercedes

Renault, Porsche, GMC, Dodge and Fiat

There is also a special section for accessories

This has all the accessories for all kinds of cars

Electronics Section

In this section all you want about any electrical product

In this section you find everything related to the surveillance devices and electrical appliances

And screens section

And medical equipment

If you have a fridge, follow it, or a TV or a stove

You can easily sell them

There is also a special section for telephones

Another basic section in the site of the sections frequented by the number of visitors is very huge

The Department of Computers

If you have a computer you want to sell

Or laptop is not needed

Or a laptop that has a newer top-of-the-line replacement

All of this is available, and the site is easily and easily appreciated by more than one million sellers and buyers

It is not just sellers, but the site is an agency for major selling companies

You can use them to pay for your laptop or PC

Also found in this section

Department of printers

If you have a company and buy a cheap printer with high quality

Get lots of printers in all types and specifications you want with ease

Another section frequented by the largest number of visitors

Sellers and visitors want to buy new or used mobiles

If you want to buy cheap mobile phone and modern model

You can find out what types of products you want

And with all the specifications you are looking for

Also there is a special section for accessories Mobiles

This is a simple description of some of the characteristics of the site and the most important sections frequented by visitors

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