Sunday, February 3, 2019

lingerie fashion in 2019

lingerie fashion in 2019

One of Selfridge's biggest brands, launched this year, is Myla. Originally founded in 2000, it was re-launched this year by the former Provocateur director, Gary Hogarth. Leila Habibi, product director and Myla chain and part of the original AP team, said underwear from the 90s: "Everything about pushups Sometimes my breasts are forced to end at the end of the day they appear.

Myla now uses the best French fabric, but styles and sizes are sometimes moved. A soft support with triangular notches and hooks extends the punctuation features such as more sports silhouettes and pajama bottoms that you can wear more if you do not use the word C (convenience). "Women love the opportunity to come closer, to be active in their underwear because they have clothing and age," said Habibi, the design team. Indicates support at a peak, possibly more surprising in the arm. "Our bodies have changed and we want to show them in courts and forms."

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