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How to make donuts

How to make donuts

Donuts are easy and inexpensive recipes and donuts back to the United States; they were brought to them by a group of Dutch settlers. The donut word is made up of two pieces, which means nut paste, and has many different shapes, but the traditional rounded shape remains the broadest form.

Donuts are prepared from a mix of flour, fried in oil and sweetened with a wide variety of decorations such as jam, chocolate or cream. There are many types of donuts like donut donuts and cream donuts. Donuts contain different types of nutrients such as: fat, carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, and therefore should not be overly met, especially with diabetics.

Preparing donuts
the ingredients
Four cups of white flour.
Two eggs.
Half a cup of butter.
A glass and a half of the liquid milk.
Six tablespoons of sugar.
Big yeast yeast.
A vanilla spoon.
Two tablespoons of instant yeast.
one teaspoon of salt.
Strong vegetable oil for frying.

the face
Three cups of powdered sugar.
Two tablespoons of liquid milk.
A third cup of melted butter.
Two teaspoons of vanilla.

How to prepare
Separate the yeast into three tablespoons of hot milk and two small sugars and lay until fermented.
Beat the eggs using sugar and butter until the light is mixed, then add vanilla and mix.
Add salt and flour gradually and start the process of money by adding milk.
Add yeast leaven and continue to knead until you have a soft cohesive paste.
Cover the butter with butter, then place it in a warm place for 2 hours until it is ready.
Prepare the mixture by putting butter in a bowl and add sugar and mix.
Add flannel and liquid milk and continue stirring until ingredients are mixed, then cover the mixture and set aside.
Remove the dough from a table, drape the flour from the shobak in the shape of a large circular disc, then cut into small circles, then the circle is empty from the center.
Cover the circles of the money and let them rest for 10 minutes until fermentation is not followed.
Put the vegetable oil in the fire to warm it up completely, then move the donuts to red, keeping the hands in mind from time to time.
Put donuts in a kitchen paper bowl.
Pour donuts in the mixture and sprinkle with colored Parmesan, coconut, pistachio or any other form of decor, and may be dipped in any other sauce such as caramel or chocolate sauce.

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