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how to cook Donuts are full of chocolate

how to cook Donuts are full of chocolate 

Two cups of flour.
Two cups of water.
Half a cup of melted butter.
Two teaspoons of salt.
• 2 teaspoons of fluid flannel.
Three large eggs.

Yolk three large eggs.
Half a cup of sugar powder.
Two tablespoons of cornstarch.
one teaspoon of salt.
• 2 teaspoons of fluid flannel.
Two cups of milk.

Chocolate chocolates are widely used in donut decorations, regardless of the type of stuff they are full, and their quantities for all types of donuts are:
Half a cup of liquid cream.
Liquid flannel spoon.
One teaspoon of honey.
Two hundred grams of chocolate.

How to prepare
Place the water in a stainless steel bowl, with a thick base, add butter and eat in low heat until the butter is melted.
Add salt to flour and place them together in butter paper.
Add the mix of flour, salt to boiling water, rapid stirring to make no lumps, until you get a paste, bright and soft at the same time.
Continue to roll the money in quiet gas, until it becomes dry and coherent, and a block.
Remove the mixture from the gas, place it in a large bowl and leave it until the temperature is low.
Place the dough in the blender bowl, mix in medium speed, add the first egg, continue mixing until completely mix in the dough and not in lumps.
Add the second egg until mixing, then the third with a flannel, mix well until the eggs are completely mixed with the dough.
Put the money in the appropriate decking bag, with enough head opening.
Start to empty the dough from the envelope by pressing it on the pan, cutting it with a knife when reaching the appropriate size, preferably in the middle finger.
Place the pan in the oven for twenty minutes, until the pieces are ripen and take a golden color.
Remove the oven from the oven and keep it completely cold.
Method of preparing stuffed donuts
the ingredients
• 2 tablespoons of milk powder.
A glass and a half of the liquid milk.
Two medium-sized eggs.
Half a small lemon weight of 60g of beans.
one teaspoon of salt.
• 6 tablespoons of butter.
• 5 cups of flour.
Half a cup of sugar.
A cup of Nautella.
One teaspoon of cinnamon.
Two tablespoons of baking powder.
Two teaspoons of vanilla.
Two teaspoons of baking powder.
• 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to cook the pot.
One tablespoon flour to spray the surface.
Two liters of vegetable oil for frying.
A glass of icing sugar to decorate.

How to prepare
Wash lemon and complain.
Remove the flour and place it in a deep bowl.
Add milk powder, salt and yeast to flour and mix ingredients.
Put the milk in a kettle on the stove and leave a little bit hot, then add the butter and stir until it melts.
Remove milk from heat and mix with baking powder and sugar and mix ingredients and leave for preparation.
Beat the flannel eggs in a whisk bowl and add the cinnamon and lemon juice.
Add the yeast and milk to the flour and mash the ingredients until you have a smooth and soft money.
Place a deep bowl with one teaspoon of oil and put in the dough, let it rest and bake for half an hour.
Next, deny the money over the table with sprinkled flour.
Cut the money into segments in circles.
Let the round bake for a quarter of an hour.
Protect oil in a deep pan.
After the oil warms, remove the donuts.
After it starts red, add oil and place it on paper towels.
Fill the syrup with nutella and cut into cubes in each of the donuts.
Decorative with soft sugar and serve.

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