Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Dating with facebook is more easily way in 2019

Dating with facebook is more easily way in 2019

Facebook has announced that it will launch a new dating feature, Matchmaking App Company Company, which will send the group and its owner to the IAC / Interactive Pope program. Preoccupied.

This feature is associated with non-Facebook friends and "real, long-term relationships" - not Mark F Zuckerberg's CEO at the company's F8 Developer Conference. Applications such as Tinder and Oakuppid have exceeded 21 percent ownership in less than two years, while IAC accounts for less than 14 percent.

Zuckerberg said: "If we help create a meaningful relationship, it's probably more relevant."

This announcement tells us how Facebook is on the initiative of new products and businesses in trying to gain public confidence in how people gather information online and how they do it online. Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook "will have to do more to keep people safe, but we will continue to build."

Dating functions are selected only and users can create a profile from the perspective of Facebook friends.

News is one of many new initiatives that allow people to "erase history" to remove information from other Facebook applications to remove social information from social and social history. There are applications.

Through the new dating app, Facebook can enjoy a wide range of relationships and opportunities - users can express their relationship status on their profile page - and compete with their huge financial resources and supporters.

Morningstar Investment Services analyst Ali Mogarbie, Facebook offers a new opportunity to add ad serving to such services. Mogarabi said that if Facebook had a new user effect, it would be a great way to get to know it.

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Most dating apps earn money by downloading premium services that can be used to improve ad business application data, but can't do anything on Facebook.

This approach has led to a clear leader in the matchfield where Facebook uses some users to approve applications, making the social media network an essential part of their business. The information has already been changed, what other companies offer in the game as part of their efforts to enhance their reputation for privacy on Facebook.

The match was partly split into IAS in 2015, but many analysts have reported that IAC is still coming from the unit. The most valuable feature of the match is that Tinder adds new features that pay for user services.

According to Bloomberg Billionaire Index, the fate of IAC President Barry Dealer has dropped to about $ 250 billion, worth about $ 250 million.

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