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can the net changing the chatting and dating?

can the net changing the chatting and dating?

On July 19, 1695, London Magazine "Improving Competition and Trade" received an interesting ad. The neighbor participated in a potential "ruler at the age of 30 who says he has a very good ownership"; Trade gave "preparations to match him with a good young man with a fortune of £ 3,000."

Personal advertising was a business group and remained for centuries. Now, with the same number of remaining things, marriage and other choices are made available on the Internet. The world's lonely heart is very good. Personal responsibilities account for 1% of marriages in America. Sites and apps come back from the first six meetings of the marriage-causing account; For the most part, this is due to the same number of online conflicts in areas that are not such problems.
In early 2010, there were churches, abilities, classrooms and offices where the Americans came to the opposite sex. Bars and restaurants have since fallen (see figure). He is more surprised to find the same sex. The Internet is the place for the most important meetings in rare sex, casual or casual encounters: 70% of the same sex relationship starts online. "This is a big change in the way people search for their partners," says sociologist at the University of New Mexico Ruben Thomas. "It is forever."

For most people's history, choosing a partner is limited to the class, location and the elderly. In the early 1900s and early 20th century, western restrictions weakened. The bike has made it impossible for the young to choose; Like the city. But in order to remove these villages, people had to deal with new problems: how to get someone interested in who they were and who only knew them.

In 1995, a year after Netscape's first widely used browser, match-matching answers answered the questions. As is well known, the San Francisco Bay Area, a web-based introduction, especially gay men and nerdy pockets, but quickly spread, is particularly useful for people they need to return to the world - the same relationship. Pots included with the internet were announced.
In 2010, these services were transferred from laptop to young adult phones. In 2013, Tinder initially introduced a masterful simple idea that seems to be potential people and simply remains quite "yes" and "now"; When two people were directly at each other, they came together. It was a big blow.

Such television services are more leaders, more personal and public than their keyboard-based predecessors. Faster, like setting up future conflicts or making long-distance calls, can be used to find them here. Personally, since the phone is intuitive, the keyboard is not, the camera is always ready and always with you. For the same reason, more society. Many people now feel right to the right of or right to public transport in connection with the possible battles of their friends. Possible partner screens go to WhatsApp and iMessage. At limited times and places, access can be extended anywhere.

It's just a matter of power
Not all countries and lessons are available online or in the same way. The Americans are ahead. The Germans are relatively backward. India, which has long been a difficult marketing brand for religious and cabinet boundaries, has seen an online regime. Last year, a rare Indian IPO saw the Tech sector, which's marriage helped 500 million rupees ($ 70 million).

In countries where the marriage is still much older, current applications are not being used by: Tantan Director, Ian Wang, founded in 2015, and now China is one of the largest dating applications saying that its culture is not complete. "If you follow someone, you don't know and won't flirt, you're bad," he says. But in Tantan, "don't see, there's no danger, you can't lose your face." In February, Tantan said about 20 users and a few boxes, says Vang, "this has a great impact on society."

Unfortunately, the difficulty is difficult to analyze or measure. Great computing is owned by the companies they collect. Business costs worldwide are $ 4.6 billion. Dollars, which is very competitive. Match group working with Tinde

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