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Sewing a simple slip with legs

Sewing a simple slip with legs


1) Use women. Macro skirt (lskirt.mac Set macro-woman) to get a slippery pattern. Use the front panel as a front and rear structure.
2) Cut half of the slip to the desired length with a soft cloth. Skip the arrows.
3) sewing side seams.
4) Turn the elastic waist and lace film as described above.

USING THE LIGHT USED FOR MAIN FACTORS Basic macro pants (lpants.mac Women's Macro)
Set). Adjust the cuff circumference to the appropriate value.
(9-11 "/ 24-28 cm) In front of or behind the mirror
Place the piece side by side to sew

the number is the same as the arrows and side curves
front and rear center seams and new patterns
along the dots. Decrease patterns according to Kanga's flexibility. Reduce the size of the pattern using PatternMaker Edit - Resize. The figure shows a horizontal weighting factor of 0.7 and a vertical scaling factor of 0.9. These factors are used for fabrics that reach 30% horizontally and 10% vertically. Cut the pants accordingly

Tip: This pattern can also be used for shorts or cycling pants. Cut the waist with a flexible bow width and a stitch width of 2 cm (5 cm). Sew center and back stitches on the right side of stitch stitches from cuff cuffs and fasten the elastic waist as described in the guide. Cuffs on the inside and double glazing on the right side, double beams, 1–8 / 8 ”(3 cm) at the neck edge.

Cut the remaining fabric from inside the cuff.
Add comfort to the front and back of the corset, 5/8 "- 3/4" (1.5)
up to 2 cm), with the place in the middle
Fig. Cut the front panel from the chest
sew to the top (use Edit - Cut) and twist it
the breast arrow is closed (use Edit - Repeat).
Draw a new image as shown: Lift the front
Angle 2 "(5 cm) and sloping side to leave 3/4"
(2 cm) is particularly easy on the front and back.


desired length. Make a rounded bottom corner.
The comfort required depends on the fabric used.
If the clothes are too loose, use them sideways or in pictures.
New sample lightly in the middle of the parts.
Sew side seams. Complete the top edge.
finishing methods above. If necessary, attach a lace or embroidered application. Make and tighten your shoulders
Rope. Tighten the straps at the ends as described above.

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