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Natural Ways To Care For Nails

Natural Ways To Care For Nails

How to remove dead skin around nails

How to remove the dead skin around the nails To properly remove the dead skin around the nails, do the following:
In the beginning you have to moisten the nails so that it is easy to remove the dead skin. It is best to do this after showering. The area is more flexible and then put your hands in a container of warm water for five minutes to soften them.
The hands are well dried from the water.
After drying the hands of the water use a special wooden tool, so that the dead skin around the nails is removed via this tool to the bottom to look better and longer nails.
The impurities that have accumulated around the nails are also eliminated.
Nail scissors can only be used to remove the dead skin and must be careful to remove the right skin.
After removing the dead skin, use one of the oils and place them around the nails to moisten them.

For best results you can wear gloves and sleep the next morning and then take off, and this step also prevents the skin follicle from appearing.
Use a special peeled for the hands so that the peeled hands are placed in the vicinity of the nails to remove the dead skin, and then wash with lukewarm water, and then use a moisturizer for an hour until you reach your hands.
Coat the nails with almond oil and then wrap the hands with a cloth soaked in warm water and let stand for fifteen minutes. Then remove the cloth and massage the nails to get rid of the dead skin, after which the hands are thoroughly washed and dried.

Natural methods of nail care

Natural ways to care for nails Here are some natural methods to care for nails and to maintain their health and appearance:

The use of olive oil, which hydrates the nails and repairs the damage caused by them, also gives the nails and makes the helmet healthier and uses olive oil in the following ways:
Massage the nails with a little olive oil and let it stand for fifteen minutes, then wash your hands with water and repeat the process two to three times a day.
Mix three tablespoons of warm olive oil with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Use a piece of cotton, spread the mixture over the nails and let it dry. After doing this, it is best to wear cotton gloves and then go to sleep and wash it in the morning.
Use flaxseed oil and massage nails for a few minutes, then wear gloves and go to sleep. By adding two tablespoons of flaxseed to juices and breakfast cereals every day, you maintain the health and beauty of the nails.
The tea tree oil contains disinfectant properties that prevent and treat any fungal infections. It also strengthens the nails, protects them from fragility, removes nails from the scars that may appear on them and uses tea oil in the following way:
Put a few points of tea tree oil in a bowl of warm water, place the nails in the pot for three minutes and repeat the process more than once a week.
Prepare a mixture of half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, or jojoba oil with four or five drops of tea tree oil, massage the nails for a few minutes, let the mixture dry and wash your hands with lukewarm water. Operation once a week.

Tips for nail care and maintenance
Tips for nail care and maintenance To maintain the health and beauty of nails, it is recommended to follow the following:
Non-nibbling nails because it gives the nails a clear hair and weakens, and it is possible to swallow some of the nails and thus damage the digestive system.
Do not increase the use of nail polish, because it leads to the appearance of skin follicles.
Put the hands in olive oil at least once a day to maintain the moisture of the nails, because the drought is more than the things that cause the appearance of dead skin.
Eat high protein foods. Nails consist of keratin, a protein. Eating protein-rich foods can give nails a healthy growth. Protein deficiency causes white spots on the nails, making them weak and easily breakable. Protein is found in meat Red, poultry, dairy, nuts, beans and other foods.
Drink enough water a day because a shortage of water in the body weakens the nails and is easy to break.

Recipes to remove dead skin cells
Oats and sugar

Oats and sugar can be used to remove dead skin cells from the face, especially by soaking oatmeal in water for ten minutes, mixed with a little sugar, and then adding honey to the mixture and applying it to the face, , to prevent irritation or rash.
Chocolates ku

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