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Milk is synonymous with healthy and basic nutrition, for good reason: unlike most of our products, it is intended for human consumption. It is the only food for calves at the beginning of their life, especially for their incorporation, proteins, sugar and fats, vitamin A, vitamin B and many essential nutrients, such as calcium.

However, in recent decades, the idealized image has been damaged. We found that the liquidation of food in cattle milk did not meet the needs of children, most adults on the planet can not digest milk called lactose and the best way to maintain calcium balance can not consume too much milk. These complications help us remember that milk is for the feeding of a young and growing calf, not a young, mature person.


The same strawberries are almost all pomegranates, which are the same as other species. In general, protein and milk mineral nutrients increase rapidly. The coffee fills up with 50 births, a baby in 100; The milk milk is more than twice the amount of protein and mineral milk from mothers. One of the most important foods is the translator is not enough for the translator's iron and vitamins.

Because of the rising microscope that acid and kidney translates with acidic derivatives with fatty oils, rumors are the tastiest foods. Only the alcoholic oil attacks it. Toxic fat can increase blood vessels with a high heart rate and can have a high cholesterol level; Other foods in the balanced area can compensate for this challenge (page 253).

The bottom box indicates the amount of milk known or informed. These numbers are only signs, such as the execution of the race; Different types of animals and animal milk are given to milk.


In the mid 20th century, when he thought that the food was a simple case of proteins, calories, vitamins and minerals, and he was a good substitute for milk: more than half of the children in the age of six months in the US News This number now it's less than 10%. Doctors advise not to give children really milk under one year. One reason is that it causes too much protein and too much iron and depopulation to the needs of the human child. (Treatment treatment is a better method of treating a medicinal treatment of milk.) Another anxiety about the use of rapid bovine milk so that it can be revealed. The smooth system of the child is not completely done and some proteins and proteins can only be depressed in the blood. Then, the isolated molecules will encourage a protection response to the defensive system and this response will be shown whenever the baby will eat. Yes, between 1% and 10% of the children suffer from American allergies to the protein in bovine milk are abundant, with symptoms that can rapidly discomfort the internal injuries of shock. Most children grow from milk allergy in the head.


In the life of the animals, wonderful people spend milk after eating strong food. And the people who drink milk after their childhood are independence within human species. The obstacle was the milk sugar lactose, can be incorporated and used by the body as it is, it must be broken down into their component sugar Small enzyme in the small sheep. The lactose-digest enzyme lactase, which has reached maximum levels in human Gut soon after birth and then falls slowly, a stable minimum level between two and five years and continues with adults.

It is clear that the light of these moves is clear: rubbish is its means for the body to make a motor when it is no longer needed; and when most mammals are slow, they do not meet lactose in their food. However, if grown lactase activity that many ingest a little milk, add the lactose through the thin intestine and reach the thick intestine, where the bacteria can metabolize, thus making carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane: those All gas behaviors. Test walls also contain sugar sugar and this causes bloating or diary.

The lactose tolerance is given to low latent activity and their symptoms. The norm is that the normality of adult lactose is better than just: lagoose adults are a small part of the planet. A few thousand years ago, people in northern Europe and some other areas have taken milk from life, milk can be a vital resource in cold habitats. Approximately 98% of milk were related to tolerant, 90% of French Germans and only 40% of South and North African people and 30% African Americans.

Treating a suffering from milk Unfortunately, lactose-suffering infections are not similar. Adults can eat without milk under cup / 250 ML milk per day without hostile signs, and even more than other milk products. No milk is enough cheese (most of the sugar is attracted to red and bacteria and mushrooms are still in the tour). Yogurt generates lactose motors that are still active in the disease of the people and are working for us. And fans of melting enzyme lactose-illegal can cause lactose in a liquid form (which is made from Aspergillus mushroom) and add some drops all the milk just before eating it.


Milk is valued for its two nutritional properties: calcium content and the amount and quality of its protein. Recent studies have raised interesting questions about all this.

The Confusion of Calcium and Osteoporosis Our bones consist of two main components: proteins that form a form of use and calcium phosphate, which acts as hard fillers, minerals and armed. Bone bones are constantly being disassembled and rebuilt throughout our adult life, so that healthy bones have the right protein and calcium in their diet. Many women in industrialized countries lose a lot of bone after menopause because they have a serious risk of cracks. Calcium diet clearly helps prevent loss or osteoporosis. Milk and dairy products are the most important source of calcium in milk, and the American government panel has suggested that adults use the fourth milk year to avoid osteoporosis.

This proposal is a major focus on individual and non-natural foods, remember that the ability to drink milk for adults and the way to do so is rabies only from the north. The milk area offers two-thirds of the recommended protein a day and replaces other foods - vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat and fish that provide their own nutrients. And there must be another way to maintain healthy bones. Other countries, such as China and Japan, experience much smaller fractions than the United States and a leak in Scandinavia, even though they drink little or no milk. Therefore, it seems reasonable to study many other factors that affect strong bones, especially those that slow down the discharge process (see box, page 15). The best answer is probably not one white bullet, but a balanced family diet and regular exercise.

Dairy protein has become a little more

I think one of the most important milk proteins, one case (p. 19), especially the nutritional tank of amino acids, where the child builds his own body. But this protein seems to be a delicate, sensitive baby metabolism destroyer. When digested, the long chain of amino acids was first digested into smaller fragments or peptides. It seems that many hormones and drugs are also peptides, and some casino peptides affect the body in the same hormone. It reduces the airway and heart rate, others produce insulin in the blood, and a third stimulates the activity of white blood cells. Has the cow milk peptide significantly affected the metabolism of children or adults? We don't know anymore.



Milk is a newborn, so dairy products are born before a large amount of milk is produced. Mammalian glands are activated by changes in hormone balance at the end of pregnancy, and stimulate milk separation from regular milk separation from glands. The best milk production arrangement is to reproduce the cow 90 days after the calf, milk for 10 months and dry two months before the next feeding. In intensive use, cows must not lose energy when glued to different pastries; They get straw or seals (corn or other plants, partially dried, and therefore go in dark silos) within limited limits and only deactivated in the most productive two or three years. A combination of nutritional refinement and optimal formula, caused by 100 pounds or 15 liters / 58 liters per day, even though the average US average is about half. Sheep and dairy herds give about a gallon a day.

The first liquid, separated from the breast, is hot, as if it were solutions of yellowish fat, concentrated vitamins and proteins, especially immunoglobulins and antibodies. After a few days, when the heat flow stops and the milk is worthless, the cow is hung on the diet and soyfoyers of the waste, and the ox breaks two or three times a day to make the secret cells work at full power.

Milk milk is a biological biomass and many different types of germs and structures that connect, form and divide milk. Some parts of the milk come directly from the blood of cows and gather in the U. Major ingredients - Fat, sugar and protein - are collected from compound cells and rectified in the U.

Milk Milk is nothing to prevent very difficult and important issues in milk use. It is living in refreshing light and contains live blood cells, many milk and body milk; And there are strong metabolic, some free, some milk lipids. Pasturization (page 22) minimizes importance; In fact, garbage waste was a lack of heat treatment. Non-pasteurized milk contains a limited amount of life or energy, so it is easy to remove bacteria that can cause nutrients and nutrients; More sensitive to milk. Very tasty food is appreciated in the production of common langaments, which enhances the cooking process and makes the taste intense.

Gourmet is a microscopic protein and is a well-maintained protein for proteins, which allows only light in water. Salt in water and dissolve under the influence of milk, vitamins, proteins, and many other fluids, which generate lots of water. Sugar, fat, and protein are the most important parts, and we will see light at one time.

First, some words about the rest milk is a softening agent, and pH is 6.5 to 6.7, and both elements and salt affect the protein's character, as we see. Orange ball has red substance A and yellowish yellow, which are in the filled coconut and milk the milk with the children. Their children are different from the amount of cocoa, which has converted them into vitamin A; Garnes and jerseys are converted into a piece of milk with gold milk, while it is rich in fat, chop and all other carotene buffaloes with milk and butter that can make them healthy, white. Ribof lav is blue, sometimes colored in milk or yogurt that flows through the heart of the yogurt.
Susun Susan: ONE
Only the car is in milk milk (and vel), and it is known as lactose or "sugar". (Green law is a Greek word for "milk" in the forehead, which will also address the names of pesticides, acids and viruses.) Lactose is a combination of simple, sugar and glucose syrup. Connected to a micro source and touching the cell anywhere in the world. Animal life This produces about half a milk milk calorie and gives a sweet taste of 40% milk and milk milk milk.

Lectose expertise has two useful effects. First of all, we need special enzymes; And most adults do not have these enzymes and should be cautious about their diet (page 14). Secondly, most insects take Lancoas enzymes for a while before properly feeding the milk, but enzymes are ready and can begin to repeat. Non-diagnosis of high-milk lactoseceae and lactokocyte bacteria is to be done, but it also changes acid concentrations. They become milk foam and microbial, in which there are many people who do not produce milk or cause disease. Lancet bacteria and lactic acid milk lift change, but it helps prevent it from getting worse or temporary.

Lancashoes is one of the fifty handbags and is only soluble (200 c. 2000 g / L), which has lactose lenses made of products like odor milk and ice cream and can be added. They were shawls

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