Monday, January 7, 2019

makes your hair like a wave

makes your hair like a wave

For millions of people and for the best, I know for many years that the chapter and the hair are not too strong. If so much, it does not look so modern, that's exactly what it is.

Keep a "special" element by investing in expensive goods and spending more time than choosing a better path. "Do not use it," said Kiki Koh, consultant director, John Friedan Aldford St. Salon "To be good, you should look simple, even if you go to the salon, you seem to be able to do it yourself."

So we asked how to find a good holiday during the holidays - of course with great effort ...

How to find new waves |

They are neither toxic nor more harmful and can lead to death. You want tactile and striking ham, not only beautiful but good. The temptation is to start cleaning the hair, but "you do not want the hair to be too light and shiny," Kiki said. "Instead, it should be more natural and natural."

That's what smart people do - if you're confident and can control GHD curling, give it to yourself ...

1. Feel the hair on the grill. "The hair is not damaged," said Kiki. Spritz Sebastian Volupt Share the root for adding a scale.

These properties improve the hair. Shave your hair and hair - young and fresh. Hairstyles and hair = parents.

2. Slide, lift the roots with the brush all the time. The hair should be dry to avoid heat and then use a toothbrush.

Use pictures to cut your hair into small pieces before you start typing.

3. Convenience of the process. Make sure to keep it in your hair. When you shoot, it's very calm

iron / iron.

Volume 0%

Kiki compares the movement with scissors.

4. Do not bite the tip, but use them to make sure they are secure. You have to turn around and pick up the days and get ready. Use some strengths to soften red or coconut. Then shake the hair to stop the usual pattern.

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