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Lightening eyebrows more than one way the secrets of beauty simply

Lightening eyebrows more than one way the secrets of beauty simply

Steps to narrow eyebrows:

First: a crispy box.
Secondly: a box of petroleum jelly to protect the skin from allergies.
Third: a specific pen for eyebrow detection.
Brown or black pigment holder for eyebrow identification.
Fourth: a little spoon for the preparation of a blonde and a small bowl.
Fifth: use a cotton ear in a poor situation.
Sixth: Cotton circle is soft to use to remove the tie.
Seventh: a small pair of scissors and a brush for combing eyebrows, like a brush for mascara.

Eyebrow narrowing method:

Place the ingredients in a small container in a small container and mix the ingredients of the caffeine-free container thoroughly so that it looks decent and ready to use.
Cut the long hair out of the eyebrows and comb them so that you look good.
Then select the eyebrows with the stylus.
Then put petroleum jelly around the eyebrows, because the skin is not sensitive to the warmth of the hands.
Then place the tie and, in particular, around the eyebrows, using ear cotton, and wait at least 20 minutes.
Then use a cotton ring because it is soft and does not cause skin lesions.
Then define your eyebrows with a brown or black pigment and leave for 30 minutes.
Then remove the dye with soft cotton, and the eyebrows will be well organized and beautiful.

Eyebrows for pregnant women:

First, pregnant women are not recommended to shrink before consulting a doctor, as this can be dangerous for the fetus in the last few months.
Secondly: carefully read the instructions for the product before using it.
Third: Do not use the product on the skin, swollen, swollen or damaged.
Fourth: test the product on a very small part of the body, before placing the product in an area where you want to lose weight, even if you used this product before pregnancy
It is possible that your skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy and irritation caused by itching.
Fifth: do not use decomposition products in case of skin irritation.
Sixth: ensure good ventilation in the room in which you commit chastity, especially if the smell of the hands is permeable and causes discomfort.
Seventh: do not leave the material on the skin for longer than the specified time, leave it at the specified minimum and is recommended in the instructions for the product.
Blue powder in powder form
petroleum jelly
Eyebrow tattoo
Mattress for imposing tattoos and correcting cleared mistakes
Six cotton swabs
Brow Brush Brush
Spoon and small mixing bowl
Soft round cotton for tie

How to cut the eyebrow holder:

Mix the fixative with the powder in equal proportions until the cream texture is gone.
Combine your tasks and start drawing.
Apply petroleum jelly on the surrounding parts of the picture to protect the skin from the warmth of the hands and to distribute it easily.
Continue to place your hands on the eyebrows and in the same way go to the other eyebrows and do not forget to put a tie on the area between the eyebrows.
Allow the goat to rest for twenty to thirty minutes and wipe the cotton after moisture.

Color eyebrow phase:

There are several ways to color eyebrows, for example, a permanent pigment and a temporary pigment, and there are many brands:
Eyebrow powder
Use mascara after brushing your eyebrows and apply powder to your eyebrows with a brush and eyebrow pencil.

Eyebrow tinting method:

First, make the color of the dye that you want to apply to the eyebrows, just like the color of the hair, but the difference in quantities here is very small, to thoroughly cleanse your skin, or to remove makeup. or liquid soap.
Secondly: use the stylus to draw the borders of your eyebrows, make sure that you do not fill the internal spaces, and then apply Vaseline paint on the outer edges of the eyebrows to prevent age spots in case of an error.
Third: apply the dye to your eyebrows and hate them, just like the instructions in the box.
Fourthly: clean the stomach of paint and let your face sink in soap and water and dry well.

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