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How to remove oil stains from clothes

How to remove oil stains from clothes


It is difficult to remove some stains using ordinary laundry detergent, especially oil stains, which are known to attach to clothes and do not easily disappear if we have not used certain materials that reduce their appearance and can completely remove them. Many ladies believe that oil stains are stains that cannot be removed from clothing, but there are many home remedies that will eliminate oil stains if they are immediately cleaned. They will be replaced by a set of proven solutions for removing oil stains from clothes.

Ways to remove oil stains and grease from clothing

Removing stains from oil and grease from clothing is easier than removing other stains. However, you should pay attention to each item of clothing in order not to damage it, so it is best to try a cleaning agent that will be used on a small amount, since it does not cause a change in the color of the clothes. [2] Many materials available at home can be used to remove oil stains from clothing, such as:
Baby powder with dishwashing liquid: Baby powder has a huge effect on clothes, as it can remove oil stains that are attached to different types of fabrics. Before using them, remove the largest amount of oil with an incestor, then apply a large amount of powder to the oil stains and leave them. Within a few minutes, using a spoon, remove the baby powder and put some dishwashing powder in place and place it with an old toothbrush. Wash the piece thoroughly with water and then wash it in the washing machine as usual.
non-alcoholic beverages: pour a little cola on the oil stain and leave for two hours, then wash a piece of clothing and put it in the washing machine for washing, and this method removes oil stains from the clothing, leaving no trace as it is in soft drinks grease caused by oil stains on clothing. [one]
Laurel soap: one of the substances that eliminate oil stains, which is used by wiping a piece of laurel soap after the oil is dried as much as possible with incense, and then put the piece in a washing machine for washing. [one]
Shampoo: shampoo consists of materials that can remove fat from the hair, so it is useful when removing oil stains from clothes and prefers to use special oily hair with shampoo, because the effect is stronger, and it is applied to a large amount of hair. stain oil and then thoroughly wash and rinse with water, then wash the piece with a washing machine. [one]
Dishwashing detergent: Dishwashing detergent can only be used to clean oil stains from clothes, where the piece is separated with oil and put on dishwashing liquid on them, and then gently rub the stain with fingers into liquid liquid, and notice that the stain starts immediately decompose, wash the dishes with grease, then wash the area containing the oil stain using white vinegar, and then wash the entire piece with water and place in a washing machine to wash it as usual with washing powder, and if the stain is difficult treatment, this method can be repeated until the disappearance of the oil stain. []
Baking soda: to use baking soda to remove oil stains, you must perform the following steps: [4]
o Remove the oil stain using a white cloth so that the oil does not absorb the pigment in the colored incandescent lamps and does not cause staining of the clothes.
o Put enough baking soda on the oil stain, set aside for at least one hour, then remove the baking powder and note that the baking color of the soda has turned brown, so keep removing it until the baking does turn white. soda
o Apply a small amount of laundry detergent in place with a few drops of water and place the space with an old sponge or toothbrush on both sides.
o Wash clothes in a washing machine and dry.
o Note: corn flour or baby powder can be used the same way as before, instead of baking soda, if it is not available.
Additional tips for getting rid of oil stains on clothes
To get rid of oil stains on clothing, it is advisable to do the following: [5]
The stain should be cleaned using a mineral oil based solvent. Then the piece is washed at a high temperature in a washing machine, but the heat must be matched with a cloth made from a piece of clothing.
If the stain is old and is not removed immediately, an insecticide is used for this purpose, so that the stain is sprayed and left for several hours, and then place the stain in a circle before washing with warm water.
It is better to wash clothes contaminated with one oil in order not to damage other clothes.
Read the instructions on the garments and buy special laundry powder if it is sensitive to regular powders.
It is preferable to use powder to remove hard stains from clothes before washing in the usual way.
If the clothes are dirty, do not put them directly in the washing machine, but first use dishwashing liquid, leave for a few hours, and then wash the product with warm water. If the oil stain is still transparent, use a brush to lubricate the contaminated area with oil.

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