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How to remove dry ink from clothes

How to remove dry ink from clothes

Dry ink stains are among the hardest stains on clothing. In contrast, removing ink stains is easy compared to the fact that liquid ink contains a percentage of water. Although dry spots are difficult to remove, there are many tricks to do. It is important to note that the type of fabric plays an important role in removing hard stains, there are fabrics that are sensitive to chemicals such as wool, cotton mesh and silk, so choose a material that needs to be thoroughly cleaned according to the type of fabric impacted. dry ink to not be damaged. [one]

Important tips for cleaning stains

Below is a set of tips that follow ink stains that will easily disappear:
Sensitive fabrics should be treated with care so that natural materials are used to remove ink stains. [2]
Remove the stain as it appears so that it can be easily removed without leaving any marks on the garment. Dry ink should be dried with a clean cloth. [2]
Do not use hot water to remove dry ink stains. [2]
Wash your hands thoroughly with a strong hand conditioner or with a nail polish remover, so that your hands are pushed by a dropper dipped in nail polish remover. [2]
The stain must be thoroughly cleaned before it dries to facilitate its removal. [one]
Be sure to completely remove the stain before drying the laundry after washing, if there are traces on it, you must repeat the cleaning process using one of the materials that we will mention later. [one]
Before using the material to be cleaned, check a small area of ​​clothing so that it does not show how it affects the fabric. [one]
Put a thick cloth under the stain to prevent ink from damaging the other side of the garment. [2]
Do not rub the ink stain so that it does not spread to other clean areas, but simply gently rub the stain with a sponge or thick piece of cloth.

Ways to remove ink stains from clothing

Remove dry ink for clothing
To get rid of dry ink stains on clothing, you can use one of the following materials:
Nail polish remover: or acetone, which is used on durable textile fabrics, such as wool or cotton. [2]
Hairspray: the stain is sprayed and left for a few hours, and then the laundry is placed in a washing machine for normal washing. The chemicals in the hair stabilizer analyze the ink and thus facilitate removal.
White vinegar: it is used for white fabrics, so add a cup of coffee to the water for soaking and leave the clothes for a short time and then rinse with dishwashing liquid, and this method is checked where it can be removed with dry ink stains all the time.
Toothpaste: so that the required amount of toothpaste is in place and rubbed well, and then cleaned with water, and if it is not removed from the stain and leaves no marks on clothing, you must repeat this method until it disappears. [2]
Cornstarch: Mix two tablespoons of starch with two tablespoons of white vinegar so that the paste is applied to the stain, leave to dry, then rinse the slice with water and the stain sinks straight down. [2]

Cleaning sensitive fabrics

To clean sensitive fabrics such as silk, wool, and pure cotton, you can use one of the following methods to remove dry ink stains:
Use warm milk by placing it in place and soaking it for several hours, and then wash it as usual. [one]
Mix an equal amount of lemon juice with liquid detergent, leave the clothes drained for several hours, and then rinse with cold water. [one]
* Note. If the ink stain is completely dry, then you should buy a potent good quality ink remover and use it by placing some amount on the stain and adding some to wash with water, which may require several attempts to get rid of the stain and the ink is completely dry. [3]

Remove liquid ink for clothing

To remove stains of liquid ink from clothing, it is recommended to do the following:
Place a thick piece of cloth on a spot of liquid ink to facilitate water absorption. [one]
Place a small amount of laundry detergent and clean it carefully. [one]
Use a sponge or cloth moistened with water, gently rubbing this piece to gradually dissolve the ink. [one]
Wash contaminated clothing with hot water in hot water if the fabric is strong and sensitive fabrics are washed with normal water temperature and do not use hot water for washing. [one]
Use cold milk and put it in place, and then wash it after a while. [four]
Remove ink from colored clothing


Milk is one of the most important natural materials used to get rid of ink stains on colored clothing. You can use liquid or dried milk after dissolving in the amount of water, soaking the clothes dyed with ink overnight in liquid milk, as usual, with soap and water the next day.


Alcohol is commonly used for medical and therapeutic purposes, especially in the field of wound sterilization and the removal of bacteria or bacteria that cause various infections, but in addition to the above, alcohol is also used to remove stains on colored inks. clothes without damaging or affecting the color. When you pour the stain on the ink stain, rub it with your hands, and then leave it on your clothes for several hours before washing it in soapy water.
Apple vinegar
Apple cider vinegar works like white vinegar, but it is used differently by adding a glass of vinegar to the amount of water to soak, leaving soiled clothes until the ink disappears.

Sour lemon and salt

Mix the amount of salt with lemon juice, apply the mixture to the stain, and then rub it thoroughly with your hands until the stain disintegrates and disappears.

Clear liquid

Of the chemicals that work to remove the ink stain from the clothes in the case, they were fresh by mixing a teaspoon of liquid with a glass of warm water, and then use the mixture to wipe off the stain.

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