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how to design BRA CUPS

how to design BRA CUPS 

Weapon models can be designed in many ways. You can make different designs by moving the cup to a different place. (As a starting point, macro lingerie lets you choose whether the design is designed with horizontal or vertical stitches). The only limitation is that splitting the stitch exceeds chest attachment. Here are the weird brands in the basic bra models.

Hands with vertical stitches do not match, but also with hands with horizontal slits. In the case of horizontal seams, the glass can be cut in different directions according to the elasticity of the fabric. (See "Cutting and sewing gifts" above) The top of the cup can also be cut from lace or yarn. If you divide the cup into more than two parts, try to ensure that the pieces at the bottom of the bottom cup can be cut so that the fabric's elasticity becomes vertical.


1) Place the jar to the right to the right and put the jacket back on. sew
2) Turn the front and back sides between the press pieces and sewing on the right side of the water jet. Turn right. Finish the edge of the foot with an elastic elastic technique. Expand the elasticity more than the back.
4) Sew laterally.
5) Cut the appropriate elastic waist. Overlap and point your head together. Follow the instructions above to attach the elastic plate to the apple.


If you want to sew the body, start sewing the inner fabric. This will give you the most important practical sewing techniques for flexible clothing. Sew the stand, sew pants that are lightweight and easily sewn. Then sew the length of the belt. By ensuring the spine's backbone, you can check if you have used the right scaling factor: the basket is a combination of hands and a long knife. For a comfortable and high-quality body, the height must be correct. Consider special attention to vertical scale factors.
1) Cut the plate so that the elasticity of the fabric becomes vertical. Cut the top part
glass so that the elasticity of the fabric is horizontal. (See "Cutting and searching for rights" above). The top of the cup can also be cut with lace or cloth.
2) Sew one cup into one, right.
3) Sew vertical body parts.
4) Attach the pieces to the right side and place hidden body parts between them. Sew and turn right.
5) Finish the edge of the foot with a flexible tip. Expand your flexibility on your back.
6) Connect the cup to the front of the case (save body parts during sewing). Finish the top edge
body parts and cups with flexible edges. Start and complete side seams.
7) Sew the folded tube / corner to the wrong side of the cup base to form extracts for underwater devices such as underwater hands. Put in. If you want to stop payment, close and close the excess on both bills. Add to setpoint
8) Attach the hook to the hook.
9) First, attach the shoulder to the back of the body and then try to find the right clothes
link point before and added. This garment is not closed. if
You make a swimsuit, don't fit the hook.


1) Sew vertical veins with 2/4 cm stitches, only stitches
3/8 "(1 cm) sewing force on the chest.
2) Fix zippers or other front devices (hooks, buttons).
3) Try a corset. If you want to be harder, take over the seams.
4) Fold and iron stitches in the middle and back side and back. Place it on a rib / copper strip as thick as 3/8 "(1 cm). Arrange the ribs / ribbons when the upper and upper ditches are free.
5) The edge of the borset and the edges must be tied with a link or embroidery. Make your shoulders borsett
fabric. Take them up the corset. If desired, attack corner angles.

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