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How to apply foundation for all skin types

How to apply foundation for all skin types

This is a cosmetic product, and it is applied first at the beginning of the make-up, where it is applied to the face and distributed completely and evenly, is used to hide defects and standardize skin color transparently and easily, and is called a cream base; because it is the basis on which the rest of the other types of cosmetics, face care) of the rest of the colors of cosmetics that will be used, and for setting makeup.

Types of foundation

Cream-foundation: contains moisturizing materials for the skin, suitable for all skin types.
Cream base for bonding: permanently hides pills and wounds that are not suitable for dry skin; because it works to dry it more.
Moisturizing base cream: suitable for a moisturizing atmosphere, covers skin well.
Mineral foundation: this type of foundation is applied to sensitive skin, which suffers from grains and wounds, as it contains medically certified mineral substances.
Scrub Foundation Foundation: a foundation cream to eliminate skin imperfections.

Face powder

This is one of the most important cosmetics used for makeup, which unifies the skin color, gives it purity and shine, and also gives the skin beauty, applies a cream-based, which helps to maintain makeup for a long time. and absorb fat and hide impurities, grains and zoon.

Types of face powder

Bulk powder: a soft powder that provides a wider coverage of the skin with compact powder, available in various colors and degrees to suit all skin colors
Compact powder: used to correct makeup and absorb fat from the skin of the face around the nose and lips and above the lips, as well as to cover large pores.
Glossy powder. It is characterized by its brilliance in the form of shiny atoms, which are sometimes located on the shoulders and chest area, lips and above the eyes.
Powder Cream: This is a creamy texture powder, similar to a base cream, where you apply a base cream when applied, but is not suitable for oily skin.
Aqueous powder: This is the most well-known type of powder that enriches the base cream, but it is harmful to the skin, as it leads to the appearance of grains, enlarged skin pores and chronic inflammation, which leads to the appearance of spots and the appearance of early wrinkles.

A way to create cream and powder
Choose a foundation and powder suitable for this skin type.
Apply any nourishing and moisturizing creams to your skin before starting to apply foundation.
Choose a makeup sponge to distribute the base cream so that the quality is good, and it is desirable that it be triangular in shape so that the cream can be distributed to the most accurate face corners.
Apply a quantity of cream base in front and then cream with your fingertips or a sponge and distribute the cream and follow the facial muscles from the inside, on both sides.
Apply some amount of foundation cream on the nose area and face from top to bottom if there are defects in the nose area that need to be hidden, and use the tone cream that is darker than the existing cream.
Apply a lot of cream on your cheeks and spread it sideways up and down with light strokes until your skin becomes normal, not noticing the presence of foundation.
Ensure that the base cream is well distributed around the mouth and chin area.
Use the makeup sponge after applying the individual foundation cream on the face, where the sponge is wetted and wrung out, and apply the amount of foundation and face to the face to get the best final result.
Wait until the dry cream is completely dry, and then apply the powder so that it is placed in the soil, not according to the shooting method, because it is a scanning method to clean the cream base, and the powder helps stabilize the cream base and give the skin shine and beauty.
You should choose a high-quality foundation of cream and powder, suitable for the type and color of the skin, because what suits the type and color of a certain skin does not fit another, and attention to the type of these preparations so that we do not choose Products that are in long-term long term damage to the skin and loss of freshness, because in general, these drugs help to hide skin defects, and look more elegant and beautiful.
How to apply foundation for oily skin
The cream is the basis of the most important drugs with which you should be careful when using it, so that you get the corresponding result: [2]
Before applying the cream on your face, wipe your skin with a piece of ice, especially on oily skin, such as your nose and forehead, because ice helps to close smileys on your skin, and thus prevents the formation of any oils and fats.
Apply a moisturizer to the skin. This cream should not contain any oils and fats. Moisturizer helps to moisturize the skin, maintain its softness and make it look like the skin of children.
Choose a foundation for oily skin, preferably mineral or mineral, not containing oils and fats.
Apply dry powder on top of the cream base, and it should be one degree or darker than your skin one degree so that it is not clear that you have applied the cream to your face.

Oily Skin Tips
Some of these tips are: [3]
Drink plenty of water because water helps your skin stay moist, fresh and healthy.
Avoid using any type of creams, especially those that contain oils, even if they are insignificant, because your skin is oily, full of fats and oils. If you use creams that contain fat, it will increase the proportion of your skin, distort your skin and lose its beauty.
Apply a cactus mask, and then add two drops of lemon juice. Then gently apply a piece of cotton to the skin. Leave it for ten minutes. Wash your face with warm water and you can repeat this massage daily in the morning and evening for two weeks, Alsabar helps to restore the vitality and freshness of your skin, and also reduces the release of oils in the skin.

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