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How ice cream works with caramel

How ice cream works with caramel

Two cups of caramel cream.
Two cups of cream.
Half a cup of powdered sugar.
The jelly melted in a glass of water and cooked over a fire.
Half a cup of condensed milk.

How to prepare:
Place caramel cream, cream, icing sugar, gelatin, condensed milk in a blender and mix well until a coherent mixture is obtained.
Half the mixture through a fine filter.
Put the mixture in the ice cream machine and serve.

Ice Cream Benefits
Ice cream helps to strengthen the bone and prevent its fragility.
Effectively burn fat.
Helps significantly improve mood.
Strengthens the immune system.
Helps lower high blood pressure.
Strawberry and Lemon Ice Cream
Fat pasteurized milk cup.
frozen strawberries.
Smash a lemon.
Half a cup of lemon.
Four oil cubes.
Five tablespoons of medium-sized sugar.

How to get ready
Put the milk in a saucepan to heat it and add butter and sugar to it.
Remove the ice from the strawberries, then add the milk and butter mixture and move until the color of the mixture turns bright red.
Start the mixture when it reaches the boiling point.
Break the machine until it becomes very thick, then add lemon juice and lemon juice and enter for forty minutes to sixty minutes in the freezer, and to decorate, put some mint leaves and trays.

Strawberry ice cream and melted chocolate with hazelnuts
Three cups of liquid milk.
One quarter cup of condensed milk.
Four tablespoons of sugar.
One hundred and fifty grams of oil.
Creamy structure.
Three hundred grams of fresh strawberries cut into small pieces.
Red color suitable for food.
Half a cup of melted chocolate.
Hazel section for small portions.

How to get ready
Add liquid milk without having to heat it or boil over a large jar, melt the butter and add sugar and mix the ingredients well, then add the brown structure to the cream.
Mix the ingredients well until homogenized and mix well.
Add a quarter cup of condensed milk to the ingredients and gently mix, then mix the red color with the liquid milk, add all the ingredients and mix together.
Pour the ice cream into large cups to serve, put the cups in the refrigerator for 90 minutes, dip the small strawberry pieces into the melted chocolate, pour the ice cream cups and spread the nuts over the face, and add the melted chocolate and chop the strawberries into the cups before putting the mixture in him Take the form of a sedimentary caste, and can be decorated with full strawberry beads, immersed in melted chocolate and placed on the face of the cup.

Ice cream damage
Eating large amounts of ice cream leads to a significant weight gain.
Consuming too much ice cream sometimes causes sore throat.
Ice cream sometimes causes sensitivity in people who are allergic to the lactose contained in milk, and it is recommended to eat popsicles.
Sometimes causes a headache, called a headache from ice cream, when a person feels a severe pain in the forehead when eating ice cream, and is usually found in patients with migraine.

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