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Healthy ways to lose weight in a safe way

Healthy ways to lose weight in a safe way

Reduce calories

Calorie reduction is done by calculating the number of calories consumed during the day, using the Internet or with the help of a nutritionist who helps determine the amount of calories needed by a person during the day to maintain weight, which should be reduced to about 500-1000 calories per person. day (50 g - 90 g) of fat per week. This is the recommended indicator of health for weight loss. McKinley Health Center is advised to avoid calorie restriction of 1,800 for men and 1,200 for women because minimizing these levels works. From the lack of nutrients in the body and from the feeling that the body is in the stage of hunger, which helps to resist burning fat. [one]

Eat low-calorie foods

It is important to choose foods that contain several calories per gram. This type of food allows a person to eat more foods with a small amount of calories, and it helps to increase the body's sense of satisfaction from the bottom, for example: vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, whole grains, they are rich in fiber, amino acids, which are the basis for building muscle tissue provides the physical shape and density of the body, and fat-free proteins contained in fish and poultry. [one]



Running burn calories and tighten the buttocks. If you are not accustomed to fitness, you should start short distances all day and then increase them at a moderate pace, for example, run from five to fifteen minutes. Exercises, such as: long-distance running and a long time, it increases the load on the muscles and, thus, increases fat burning. [2]

Squatting exercise

A person can do the exercise squatting, standing upright, making the intervals between the feet and knees, keeping the back straight, then lowering and pushing the back part, forming a 90 degree angle with legs for a second, repeating the exercise 12-15 times to increase the strength of the exercises . [2]


Avoid climbing stairs and elevators because climbing stairs burns calories and improves physical fitness. A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that climbing the stairs benefits the body. [3]


A climbing exercise burns twice as many calories as it is done while exercising and on the stairs, where sports halls provide an internal exercise for safe mountaineering. [3]

Hip slimming methods

Burning more calories helps lose fat no matter where it is in the body. Muscle mass increases the number of calories and improves the shape of the body, so the previous exercises help to eliminate the buttocks in particular and fat deposits in general. [2] In addition to the previous exercises, stored fat in the hips or legs can be eliminated by following these tips: [3]
Aerobic exercise: the first step to burning body fat is to start exercising. Most adults are recommended to perform exercises of medium intensity (at least 150 minutes per week).
• Strengthening muscles: Fat loss in itself causes relaxation, so you should determine the time to increase muscle strength in the thigh area and the best exercises to do the exercises, and the following points show the correct way to do the exercises:
o Stand firmly and put your hands on your hips to get a balance.
o Pull your right foot forward, turn your left foot back, then bend your right foot to get a corner.
o Repeat the previous step, switching between the legs.
Reduced calorie. It should be noted that there is no magic diet for getting rid of thigh fat, but it is necessary to reduce calorie intake to get rid of excess fat, including thigh fat; the body will be forced to use excess fat as a source of energy in a natural way.

Diet for slimming buttocks and thighs

Combined with changing daily eating habits through exercise, it helps to burn calories and fat loss dramatically and does not require a strict diet [4], but it needs a healthy and balanced diet [5] by:
• Drink water and fluids in sufficient quantities to maintain body moisture and reduce the purity of cellulite on the hips and buttocks. [five]
• Avoid sugar. [four]
• Minimize the amount of starch, refined carbohydrates [4] and increase the consumption of whole grains. [five]
• Choose low fat protein, healthy fat and eat it moderately. [four]
• Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. [four]
• Reduce the number of foods containing empty calories, foods that give a lot of calories and few nutrients. [four]

Exercises for tightening the abdomen and buttocks

In addition to a healthy diet for weight loss, exercise is also recommended, which burns fat, tightens the body and gives the desired appearance, so it is recommended to train to tighten the stomach and buttocks: [5]

Tighten belly

It is recommended to lie on your back and bend the two men along with the position of the arms to the net position behind the neck and open your elbows, and then try to slowly raise the upper back to the maximum extent possible with focus on the abdomen, and advised to maintain this position for a moment before returning to the starting position, repeated 20 times in a row and for three sporadic periods (a total of 60 times).
A person can also lie on his back and bend his knees, cross his hands on his chest crosswise, and then press his stomach to the ground in combination with raising his head and shoulders from the ground and remove his chin from his chest.

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