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fire the lonely feeling away girl !

fire the lonely feeling away girl !

Maybe you're a new city and you're fighting with friends. Or it seems that the people you love are in a different home than you. Or you have all the friends you want, but you still don't know the connection. In one or another, everyone knew loneliness.

"This is something that every person has passed or passed," says Lisa Bahar, a married and licensed family therapist at Newport Beach, California. But chronic loneliness can have a serious health effect. In fact, the scientific analysis of the psychological aspects of science suggests that this feeling is related to all aspects such as depression and alcoholism, stroke, weakened immune system, and early death.

This will allow you to participate in solitude when you inevitably get the blues.

Create a list of tasks you can do yourself.

Ironically, if you simply try to improve your loneliness with swearing with people, it can be short-lived. "As soon as this person leaves, you're alone," Bahar explains. Instead, you have a list of the simple things you enjoy or are willing to try when you are alone: ​​puzzle, phone calls, crochet, quilting, watching a movie, painting, script. The goal is to destroy acute loneliness healthily.

Better, you present, says Kate Balestrieri, a licensed psychologist in Los Angeles, California. "We can use [loneliness] as an opportunity to feel better," he explains. Take dinner, film, park, museum, place where you always want to go. Many people see their relationships that adjust their emotions, say Balestrieri and feel alone that they have the opportunity to learn to do it themselves.

Find activities where you can be alone with others.

Think about MeetUp groups, library clubs, city events, and so on, says Bahar. If you can create a new hobby that will lead you to the same minded people, even better. Have you always wanted to walk or paint or learn from photography? Find categories or groups that are welcome for beginners. The goal is to find a place where you are among the people, even if you are not a friend. If you meet someone big, even better.

Create a list of people you can be when you're alone.

Is he a friend, family member or acquaintance who likes things? Give yourself a list of people who can stand when you feel that no one is talking. You want to open up your chances, says Bahar, to read as much as possible. Avoid tilting to one person if you exert too much pressure on the relationship and let it turn if it is not available during the call.

Try to sometimes be social - even if you don't know it.

Is there an idea to talk to new people who invaded cold sweat? It's not unusual. Loneliness is how social communication seems to be useless. "At one point you have to do it yourself," says Balestrieri. Daily insurance, such as "I" positive statements, could help. "I'm interesting, I have things to offer, I'm afraid of rejection," are some good examples, says Balestrieri.

Try to give them back.

Maybe it is voluntary to play with cats in local animal protection, walking, shelter tables or nursing homes. Community participation in a good sense of well-being can be great for loneliness. Interactions can help create positive contacts with new people - or pets - who will be happy to see you without taking too much of a group friend, Bahar says.

Find a way to move your life.

There are so many exercises because it has come into contact with the senses, says Bahar, who can contribute to the situation of the community and the flow. "What you are trying to do is fix your body and pull your mind out of solitude," he explains. Navigation, football, sailing, sand or naked grass - all of which will help you pay attention to the feeling of the body.

Consider starting treatment.

Even if you are skeptical about the treatment, other values ​​can be useful for loneliness just because you have heard and appreciated them. "Sometimes it's just someone listening to you," says Bahar. "And that is very important."

Remember that loneliness is temporary.

Even if you are alone now, this does not mean that you can always feel alone or if you have not found the community it nourishes. "You are the architecture of the future," says Balestrieri. "You can go out and create new connections." He adds that everyone has something to do with the relationship. You just have to get out and create them.

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