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easy natural ways to Armpit whitening

Easy natural ways to Armpit whitening

Black skin in the armpit area is one of the most common causes of many people, especially women, and it is a source of discomfort and embarrassment resulting from the skin’s reaction to a number of factors, such as ultraviolet light exposure, shaving and regular use of hair removal creams , excessive sweating, poor ventilation in this area, in addition to the accumulation of dead skin cells, so we will tell you in this article about some ways of lightening under the arm.

Causes of underarm darkening

Causes of armpit blackening:

Wear tight clothes so that you are covered in body, your skin turns red and may flare up, and over time it will change the skin color.
Overweight in the body, resulting in constant friction, as mentioned earlier.
Insufficient care and attention to the cleanliness of these areas, such as cleaning sweat and removing hair, causing the growth of fungi and bacteria and, consequently, the occurrence of inflammation.
Continue to use the code for underarm hair removal, as well as some types of deodorants that are ineffective and cause inflammation.
The use of certain types of deodorants, consisting of chemicals that increase the brownness and discoloration of the skin.
Use low-quality creams and ointments.
The use of flavors, and brush in these places leads to clogging of pores and discoloration of the skin.
Some diseases lead to an imbalance in the secretion of hormones, cause skin pigmentation.
Avoid products that increase sweating, as well as cause skin irritation, redness and acne, which eventually turn dark.
Some people with diabetes who are treated with insulin may suffer from this problem because of its role, which plays a big role in tanning the skin, where it interacts and increases the secretion of melanin.

Natural recipes lightening under the arm

Gram flour

Mix four teaspoons of flour, two small tablespoons of yogurt, lemon juice and a small amount of soft turmeric to make a soft, soft paste. Apply it to the area under the armpits and leave it for at least half an hour before removing it. With warm water.


Mix four teaspoons of sandalwood powder and plenty of rose water to make a soft, soft paste. Put it under the armpits, leave for 15 minutes or until completely dry, then rinse it with cold water. We get the best results.


Mix equal amounts of rice flour and vinegar together until we get a soft paste, then apply them under your armpits after taking a hot water bath, and allow it to dry completely for at least ten minutes, and then remove it with warm water.


Mix four teaspoons of whole milk and two teaspoons of flour and yogurt to make a soft paste. Then put them under the armpits, leave for a quarter of an hour, then rinse them with cold water. In two tablespoons of milk for 20 minutes, then wash under the arms and leave for half an hour before rinse thoroughly with water.

Orange peel

Put a little orange peel in the sun, let it dry completely, then chop it until it turns into a fine powder, and then mix four teaspoons of powder and a small amount of rose water and liquid milk to make a soft paste. , Area under the armpits for ten minutes, then remove it with cold water.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains vitamin E, which whitens the skin and is an effective deodorant. Therefore, massage the coconut oil under the arms and leave for at least 10 minutes before washing with soap and water.


Lemon is a powerful cleanser and bactericidal agent, as well as a good whitening agent, but it should be noted that lemon can cause dry skin, therefore it is recommended to apply a moisturizer after use on the skin and lighten the area under the armpits to rub a piece of lemon in this area or put on it Lemon juice and leave for ten minutes to dry, then rinse well with water, or you can mix a tablespoon of turmeric with honey or plain yogurt and use it for this area for ten minutes before washing with cold water, this method uses three or four times a week.

Note: these recipes may not be suitable for certain skin types, such as sensitive skin, or whose owners complain of certain skin diseases, so consult with a specialist before use.

Tips to avoid armpit armpit

There are several factors that play an important role in armpit color, including:]
Type of clothing: It is best to wear cotton underwear with sleeves, and these sleeves do not have to be full, but cover the armpits.
Types of deodorants used: there are many types of deodorants that differ in their components and nature, for example, spray, or gel form, and it looks like a mild soap, and regardless of the nature, the ingredients should play the most important role, so choose carefully There is a variety of types, especially spray, which can cause skin burns.
Hygiene: daily swimming in the summer, and at least every two days in the winter, is important for keeping your armpits clean and preventing cell accumulation, as well as sweat, deodorant, and others.
Peeling: skin peeling is one of the most important factors that preserves skin color and health; since it removes dead cells, bleaching can be carried out by peeling or using sugar and lemon, it is desirable to repeat in every soul.

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