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Cooking method Alqtaif Shamia

Cooking method Alqtaif Shamia

Two cups of white flour.
Two cups of warm water.
Tablespoon instant yeast.
Half a cup of semolina.
• 2 tablespoons of sugar.

How to get ready
Place the flour, semolina, sugar and yeast in a mixing bowl.
Fold the material well.
Add warm water to the previous ingredients.
Mix the ingredients well with a mixer; for a soft, smooth paste.
Leave the dough for 15 minutes before brewing.
Place the Tefal cup on the stove and heat it.
Fill a cup of coffee with dough and pour it into the pan to form a circle about the size of your palm.
Leave the dough until it darkens from the bottom, then rises, and so on. Until the quantity is finished.

Preparing the filling: if the filling is a camel nut, it is prepared as follows:
Divide the heart of the nut into several pieces and place in a bowl.
Add coconut as desired.
Add some sugar, soft cinnamon and spilled water and mix the material together as needed.

Place the plush in a small tray and place the filling on its white face.
The amount of the previous filling is taken and placed on a semicircle.
Half the other half on the stuffed half, then hold the marigold with your hand, close the sides completely and stand well.

Put the vegetable oil in a saucepan on the fire and leave to heat.
Place the kettle in the oil and leave it until brown.
Turn the catena to another face until it turns red.
Lift the oil and place in a cold country.
Lift the diameter by diameter and place in a serving dish.
You can eat raw pastries, known as Alafsafiri, where they are stuffed with cream and decorated with pistachios and Aleppo and closed only on one side, leaving the other side open, filled with filling.

Cooking kataef with milk
two cups of flour.
• 2 tablespoons of sugar.
One quarter cup of semolina.
Milk cup.
Cuba is warm water.
A teaspoon of salt.
One teaspoon instant yeast.
One teaspoon baking powder.
One teaspoon of rose water.

How to get ready
Put all the dry ingredients in a deep bowl, mix them with a spoon, stirring slightly, until smooth.
Add milk, transfer the ingredients again, then gradually add hot water with constant stirring until a liquid paste is obtained and get a homogeneous mass.
Dispose of the blocks in the dough, beating with an electric stirrer until we get a soft paste.
Cover the dough with a piece of clean cloth, let it sit for an hour before brewing and make sure that bubbles appear on the surface after the fermentation time.
Heat a flat pan at a high temperature, then bake the patties and follow the same steps as outlined when preparing the Syrian cataif.

Dough with nuts
Kilometers average size.
Half a glass of ground nut with a camel eye.
A quarter cup of raisins.
• 2 tablespoons of sugar.
• 2 tablespoons of coconut.
• 1 teaspoon soft cinnamon.
Heavy oil for frying.
Two diameter cups.

How to get ready
Mix all the fillers in one dish.
We prepare Katype beads, fill them with filling and close them well.
Copy a large amount of vegetable oil, pick up the Katipa beads until they turn light golden.
Place a fried cataclyph on waste paper to remove excess oil.
Fold the kataif in diameter for a few minutes, then pull it down and place it on a metal grid to get rid of excess diameter, and then place it in a serving dish.

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