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Causes and treatment of eye bulge for women

Causes and treatment of eye bulge for women


Eye inflammation is one of the most common problems affecting the eyes, which are in the form of plump pockets located in the lower part of the eye, and are the result of many causes, including blood pressure, seasonal allergies, accompanied by a runny nose and sneezing, in addition to fluid retention in the body , and for other reasons, and in this article we will offer you a number of natural remedies that will help get rid of this problem. [one]
Causes of bumps under the eyes

Eating foods that contain a large percentage of salt can lead to fluid retention in the body and cause swelling under the eyes.
Long tears cause eyes to bulge due to salt in tears.
Sensitivity is sometimes due to temperature fluctuations from high to cold or vice versa, and some products may contain substances that cause swelling.

Most older people have swelling under the eyes due to fatigue, tiredness and wrinkles.

Obesity causes swelling under the eyes due to the concentration of fat around the eyes and may cause bloating due to genetic factors caused by certain responsible genes.

Stay late at night and for consecutive periods, or vice versa, sleep for several hours longer than the usual range of six to eight hours a day.

Common causes of swelling under the eyes are poor thyroid function.
A lot of cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine lead to hormonal disorders and, consequently, to edema.

Puffiness can also occur due to the transmission of some bacteria due to contamination of contact lenses when placed in the eyes.

Increase melanin level in the eye.
Kidney disease and problems.

Methods for the treatment of bloating under the eyes
Some cucumbers or cold potatoes can be used because of their ability to absorb liquids under the eyes.

Get enough sleep at eight o'clock in the day, and the best time to sleep is at 10 o'clock.

Eliminate bad habits, such as a gradual cessation of smoking and alcohol, and avoid the spread of foods containing salt.
Drink enough water to get rid of excess salt in the body.
Use cold water compresses and apply them to your eyes in the morning for about a quarter of an hour, as these compresses reduce blood vessels and thus reduce the proportion of water that gets under your eyes.

Do not put any cosmetics on the subject of irritation during this period, which leads to an exacerbation of the problem, especially because the area under the eyes is the most sensitive area on the face, and you need to take good care of it.

Methods for removing under-eye bumps

There are several ways to eliminate swelling under the eyes, including:

Cold water or ice: put some ice cubes in a clean plastic bag, wrap a plastic bag with a piece of cloth and put it on your eyes for at least two minutes. It will be noted that the swelling began to disappear immediately. It works to soothe the swelling and activation of blood vessels, and it is worth noting that this recipe works to treat dark circles and wrinkles, and you can do without snow by working with cold water and putting it on your eyes to get the same result.

Coffee: Coffee is known to contain many antioxidants that can nourish the skin and cure its problems, and coffee is used by mixing with a small amount of rose water; to make the paste smooth and somewhat liquid, you need to leave this paste to ferment and interact with each other for half an hour, then apply to the puffiness under the eyes and leave for ten minutes before washing in cold water, and prefer to repeat this mask until the abdominal distension disappears .

Tea: tea compresses are prepared by soaking two envelopes of red tea in boiling water for a minute, then keep the bags well to get rid of excess water, and will be the next step in boiling tea in the refrigerator for at least ten minutes to cool and then apply. You can use the same tea bag more than once, but keep it in the refrigerator each time.
Potatoes: Potatoes are one of the best natural remedies to get rid of bloating, cutting potatoes into thin slices and putting it on your eyes for 10 minutes. Potato slices should be cool to get the desired result.

Yogurt: Mix yogurt with an equal amount of starch to get a cohesive paste that is comfortable for the person. Apply this mask on swollen eyes for a quarter of an hour. In addition to getting rid of bloating, milk and starch will work to cure dark circles.

Place a piece of cucumber in the refrigerator until it is completely chilled, then cut into thin round slices and apply on your eyes for 10 minutes, activating blood circulation, eliminating the bloating under the eyes, lightening the area and making it whiter.

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