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best way in 2019 to weight loss

best way in 2019 to weight loss

Losing weight is very similar to cleaning the basement. It is huge and almost impossible to know where to start - even if you do not lose weight. But getting the body that you always want should not be a source of stress. If the scale does not move and you want to find the last 10 pounds, there are many ways to reach your goal. To help you, we have spoken to a handful of celebrities who have successfully cut (and missed) and dozens of leading experts in fitness and nutrition.

And because weight loss is not a universal proposition, we have collected 50 of the best attempts. Read the list below and choose a handful that you think you can afford. Some of them must work for you!
1. Get more fit with gym or training 

"Burpes are a great way to activate more muscles, increase your heart, and burn your mega muscles. At one speed you will work your legs, arms and stomach, and will also increase your heart rate to increase the educative."
2. Trace your weight loss after days and month 

"Before you start changing your diet, spend a week with recording everything you eat and telling her everything. Before you make some changes to my diet, I look through everything the thing I eat every week for a week, including some things like chewing gum or snack If you have a piece of candy from your desk, zamachkajte a few teaspoon cream or hang some cheese pieces your child leaves a plate, write it down! everything has been added, and you just do not know, whatever you eat until you see everything on paper in front of you, l Like the other, she is surprised . "

"Whether it's an application or food paper, what you eat, it will definitely be open to every ochi.Skoro spends more than a mislabel.Ne write everything as you eat, so do not forget nishto. Ednostavniot action of shooting Foods makes you eat less. When calories are in your face, it makes you think twice! "

3. Eat foods with protein not carbohydrate

"We extend protein requirements evenly during the day, with three meals and between two snacks.Proteins also increase insulin levels, leading to fat storage."

4. breakfast must be taken 

"Do not miss breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day, sit after waking up for less than 90 minutes, then take it every three or four hours. If we do not miss breakfast early or wait too long, our the body will save energy and we will slow down the metabolism. Breakfast launch also leads to overheating throughout the day. "

5. Dont drink

"If the target is too heavy, I recommend watering alcohol ... and drinking too much water all day and I recommend when it finishes all four-wheel cars every week."

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