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Acne preparation method cook

Acne preparation method cook

Rice is characterized by the presence of rice and milk with a small amount of sugar, rose water, saffron and some nuts for decoration, as well as the name “Mahlabip” in Arab countries in accordance with the spoken language of each country, although it is similar to its original name. While in Egypt Mahbulip called in Syria Mahlay, while called Libya Mahlabip in Algeria and in my shop, and here are some of the ways that these Mahlabat.


Rice pudding


• Three liters of liquid milk.

• Three tablespoons of powdered milk.

• Three tablespoons of sugar.

• One quarter cup of bottled water.

• Two cups of rice.

• nuts.


How to get ready

• Wash rice thoroughly and soak in a little water for a few hours.

• Place the rice in an electric mixer with water and mix well until dissolved in water.

• Put liquid milk, sugar and powdered milk in a saucepan with constant stirring.

• Pour the rice mixture into the saucepan with stirring until it becomes thick and dense.

• Put the rose water while still stirring, then turn off the heat.

• Mix the entire mix in a mixer in less than a minute.

• Pour the mixture into the cups for serving.

• Decorate with nuts.

• Put the cups in the refrigerator so that they cool.


Pomegranate rice with saffron


• A cup of ground rice.

• two cups of water.

• Two cups of liquid milk.

• Half a cup of sugar.

• Two tablespoons of rose water.

• Half a teaspoon of cardamom.

• Half a teaspoon of saffron.


How to get ready

• Place rice, water, and sugar in a medium-sized saucepan.

• Place the pan on a medium heat and transfer the ingredients together until the mixture boils and thickens.

• Put milk, rose water, cardamom and saffron and move them.

• Add the mixture and continue to stir quickly, until the milk boils again and is homogenized, and becomes smooth and without any lumps of rice.

• Pour the saffron rice pan into the serving cups.

• Place the cups in the refrigerator so that they cool completely before serving.

• Decorate the rice with saffron and pistachios and serve cold.


Milk Pudding with Milk


• Three cups of rice.

• Six glasses of liquid milk.

• Three glasses of water.

• Two tablespoons of starch.

• Little water or water.

• Nuts for decoration.


How to get ready

• Lower the rice and wash it well.

• Put the rice and water in a saucepan on the fire until the rice boils and ripens.

• Add milk, sugar and starch to another pan.

• Add boiled rice to the previous ingredients.

• Put some water or water on request.

• Wait until the mixture is smooth.

• Pour the mixture into the cups for serving.

• Mix the cups with the nuts and place them in the fridge for cooling.


Al-Mahalla Al-Shamiya


• Four cups of milk with half an extra cold cup to dissolve the starch.

• A glass of starch.

• One quarter cup of sugar.

• Fried minced meat with half a teaspoon of sugar.

• 1/4 cup vegetable cream.

• Six tablespoons of sour cream.

• Six tablespoons of chopped pistachios.

• Six tablespoons of almond slices.


How to get ready

• We pour the milk into the pan until it boils, then add the amount of sugar and grated sugar and stir until sugar is completely dissolved, then add the cream.

• Mix half a cup of the extra milk and starch until the starch has completely melted in the milk, add it to the pan and let the mixture boil for 5 minutes with constant stirring.

Pour the mixture into a glassy yoghurt and let it cool at room temperature until it cools a little, then put it in the fridge until it cools and becomes solid and balanced with almonds, pistachios and cream whipped cream.

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